Fuel Additives

Last month I went to my favorite gas station here in southern Ontario and found all 3 grades of gasoline had been labeled with “May Contain up to 10% Ethanol”. I used to be able to get pure gasoline in the Premium grade at this station. That made me a bit sad as I pumped fuel into my vehicle. I later read that at the start of the year the government had mandated ethanol in all grades of fuel.

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Most modern vehicles can handle that ethanol content and the fuel gets used up fast enough – I always seem to be filling my tank these days – that it doesn’t go stale or deteriorate too quickly. That may change for me though in the near future – stay tuned to more info about that!

Where ethanol really causes problems is in classic cars that don’t get daily driven and small engines which were never designed for alcohol content. Both categories often see more time in storage than use and suffer from stale fuel and incompatible materials.

While I’ve yet to find a perfect product that protects against all ethanol issues Amsoil does have a good lineup of products to help maintain fuel in situations where tanks cannot be drained or parts changed to ethanol resistant components.

Try Amsoil P.i. to help recover performance from carbon buildup and direct injected engines and Upper Cylinder Lubricant can help maintain the cleanliness and protect against corrosion. Quickshot is the suggested cleanup product for small and carbureted engines It is an inexpensive first step to attempt to recover from and diagnose rough idle or poorly performing engines.

A product that isn’t mentioned in the article is Dominator Octane Boost – it can solve some issues if ethanol evaporates and takes a few octane points with it leading to engine knock. It’s also a great lead substitute for older engines that require it.

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