Chaincase AMSOIL TCC

AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil

  • Synthetic technology reduces friction to transfer maximum power from the engine to the ground
  • Flows freely in cold temperatures for immediate protection and easy cold temperature takeoffs
  • Protects moving parts under extreme pressures and high temperatures
  • Helps prevent rust, corrosion, oxidation and foam
AMSOIL TCC Chaincase and Gear Oil
AMSOIL TCC Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil

Long-Lasting Performance for ATVs and Snowmobiles

The chaincase is an integral part of a snowmobile’s drive system. Housing a chain and two sprockets that transfer power from the transmission to the track. Its secondary function is as a gear reduction system allowing the track to spin at a lower speed than the engine. The snowmobile’s transmission connects to a smaller gear in the chaincase connected by chain to a larger gear within the case that turns the track and propels the sled.

A Chaincase’s Purpose

A chaincase serves a similar function to other chain-drive systems, like those found on many motorcycles and ATVs/UTVs. However, a snowmobile chaincase contains the chain-drive components in a sealed and removable case. To protect the track’s critical drive components from moisture, corrosion and wear. The chaincase is a closed lubrication system that requires regular oil changes to function correctly.

Why Change Chaincase Oil?

Chaincase oil breaks down primarily from pressure heat, contamination by metal shavings from the internal gears and chain, and water from the environment. Snowmobile manufacturers recommend changing chaincase oil annually or every 3,000kms. It is considered best practice to change the chaincase oil after the riding season is over to prevernt moisture from sitting in the chaincase all summer. The typical snomobile chaincase requires about 250 to 325ml to refill and is full when “filled to spill” or overflowing from the fill hole.

Unique Requirements

Modern snowmobiles and ATVs require extreme-pressure lubricants engineered to meet the high-temperature and high-load demands. Substituting alternate oils in the chaincase to reduce costs is not recommended. Automatic transmission fluid does not contain the extreme-pressure additives needed for enhanced wear protection leaving gears and chains vulnerable to wear. Automotive gear lube is too thick for proper chain and gear lubrication in powersports applications impairing circulation and leading to increased wear and decreased efficiency. Finally, unlike thinner motor oils, snowmobile chaincase oils are typically SAE 75W.

AMSOIL Advantage

AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil (TCC) is a 100% synthetic formulation that resists sear and chemical breakdown better than conventional fluids providing superior protection and performance for enclosed chains and gears found in snowmobiles, ATVs/UTVs and other similar equipment. It is formulated with extreme-pressure additives for increased wear protection that helps extend chain and gear life and it repels water to inhibit rust and oxidation Its low pour point ensures superior low temperature starting and reduces drag to deliver maximum power through the frigid depths of winter. It is engineered for use in all snomobile chaincases and costs less than most original equipment manufacture (OEM) recommend chaincase oils.


Use AMSOIL Synthetic Chaincase & Gear Oil as a replacement for the following ATV and snomobile OEM fluids as of January 2023:

  • Arctic Cat© Chain Lube #4639-363
  • Bombardier©/Ski-Doo©/Can-Am© XP-S Mineral Chaincase Oil #415129500
  • XP-S© Synthetic Chaincase Oil #293600138
  • Polaris© SCL Chaincase Lubricant #2872952 #2873105
  • Yamaha© Snowmobile Chaincase Lube #ACC-CHNCS-FS-08

Specific recommendations for your year, make, model ATV/UTV or Snowmobile are available in the AMSOIL application guides.

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