Three AMSOIL Products For Top Chainsaw Performance

When you and your chainsaw have work to do, you want to hear lots of noise and see sawdust fly.

The last thing you want is a chainsaw that is running poorly or not starting at all even with these nice fall temperatures we’ve been having. Extreme heat and cold can just add to the problems.

Here are three cost-effective product suggestions that can not only make your saw more reliable, it can dramatically improve its performance and output. After proving the value of this trio of products in your saw I expect they will be part of your regimen for good.

AMSOIL Saber Professional Synthetic 2-Stroke Premix

Almost all engines see some sort of performance improvement from synthetic oil, but the improvements observed in two-cycle engines are the most evident. The following benefits can be expected:

  • Lower friction
  • Better throttle response
  • Improved wear protection
  • Less exhaust smoke
  • Cleaner engine internals
  • Consistent performance in extreme hot or cold weather
  • Contains a fuel stabilizer for an extra measure of reliability

AMSOIL Saber Pro Premix is a commercial-grade 2-cycle oil that delivers top-notch performance and protection. Allowing your chainsaws to perform at their best everyday and last longer too.

This 100% synthetic premix can safely be mixed at ratios from 60:1 to 75:1 for commercial use and pushed to the limit all day long. You can use one mix of Saber Pro in your entire two-stroke fleet with outstanding results. This has been proven in engines with OEM mix ratios from 16:1 to 100:1.

With Saber Pro, there is no need to keep multiple two-stroke fuel batches around.

AMSOIL Synthetic-Blend Bar and Chain Oil

Bar and chain oils from many brands tend to be poorly made and this is often reflected in their performance. As with all AMSOIL products — this oil was not an afterthought but a sophisticated lubricant that is designed to improve operation. The tacky semi-syn chain oil is loaded with anti-wear and friction reducing additives to improve cutting performance and reduce chain wear. The synthetic component allows it to perform consistently in extreme heat or bitter cold.

AMSOIL Quickshot Small Engine Gasoline Additive

AMSOIL Quickshot®

A critical aspect of small engine performance is the fuel system. If the fuel system is not healthy starting is an exercise in frustration and engine performance is compromised. Just a tiny dose of AMSOIL Quickshot promotes reliable starting and optimum power delivery on several fronts.

  • Quickshot cleans gum, carbon and deposits from carbs, combustion chambers and spark plugs
  • Any moisture that may end up in the fuel mix is dispersed and allowed to pass though the engine without no drop in performance
  • It dissolves dirt that may be in the fuel within reason
  • Ethanol in the gasoline tends to mix with moisture and create a lean condition. Quickshot also sends this mix though the engine without harm by keeping the moisture in small droplets instead of large clumps that drop to the bottom of the tank.
  • Quickshot also provides in-season gas stabilization keeping the fuel fresh for reliable starting and gum-free performance

Bonus Tip

Use non-ethanol, premium gasoline in all two-stroke gas mixtures. Regular and mid-grade gasoline contains ethanol and it is no friend of any small engine. As mentioned, it tends to absorb moisture and this can create a dangerously lean situation. Many chainsaws call for premium gas but be sure to inquire with the operator or inspect the pump signage to ensure that no ethanol is present in the fuel and eliminate that hazard.

The hose and plumbing in a gas station pump can hold 5L of fuel or more – the fuel in those lines is whatever the previous user selected. Pump those first 5L or more into your vehicle then fill your gas can.

Chainsaw cutting tree” by Hustvedt – Own work. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons

One thought on “Three AMSOIL Products For Top Chainsaw Performance”

  1. Chris, awesome post. I want to share a few things on AMSOIL saber professional synthetic 2-stroke premix.

    I have used the sabre oil for years in my 2 strokes. I mix it about 80:1, can’t bring myself to run it so lean at 100:1.

    I have 2 chainsaws, weedwhip, blower, etc. Use the same mix for all and haven’t had any issues. I like that there is no smoke and smell. I don’t mind the 2 stroke smell but when there is 4 saws around for a bit, it gets pretty strong.

    I use my 359 chainsaw all the time. Summer, Winter, doesn’t matter. I run it pretty hard and it has never let me down.

    Anyway, Keep up the good work…


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