Save on Fuel

The CBC posted their top eight ways to save on fuel as prices continue to climb at the pump.

I don’t agree with all of them.

  • Choosing supreme gas for an automobile that specifies regular won’t improve fuel mileage since octane ratings are for compression. You may see some improvements in fuel economy if you choose a fuel that has no ethanol in it since it’s energy content is lower than gasoline [wikipedia].
  • Sparkplugs last longer than a year. You may not want to go the full 160,000km on the same set and be sure to replace them with high quality plugs at or above OEM specs.

I would move the behaviour items further up the list too. Stops and starts as well as speeding can really increase your fuel consumption.

  1. Pay with a credit card. This could earn you bonuses, refunds and loyalty miles. Of course, you need to pay your credit card off monthly for this to work financially.
  2. Use promotions. When the grocery store has coupons for gas, drive to the station and use them.
  3. Use synthetic oil. Used in the engine and drive train, it can save you five per cent on gas mileage. Paying for supreme gas will save you another three per cent.
  4. Inflate your tires. Check them monthly, as air is always seeping out. This will save you three per cent on gas mileage — per tire.
  5. Buy on discount day. If your local station cuts the price on Thursdays, buy then.
  6. Don’t jack rabbit. Instead of sprinting from stop to stop, speed up and slow down gradually and improve your mileage.
  7. Slow down. If you scoff the law and drive 130 km/h in a 110 km/h zone, you’re burning up your gas 12 per cent faster than if you drive the limit.
  8. Tune up your engine. Change those spark plugs every year and save on fuel.

Another excellent way to increase fuel economy is to use a fuel injection/system cleaner – at most yearly. Older vehicles that have built up deposits over time will react well to a treatment.
P.i in the tank for a week and then performing an oil change is a great way to clean up for vehicles having a hard time passing emissions tests.

AMSOIL Performance Improver is one of the best fuel system cleaners. Check out the link to see some of the results for common vehicles.

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