AMSOIL Introduces Synthetic CVT Fluid

AMSOIL has just released a Synthetic CVT Fluid for continuously variable transmissions. This product will be a replacement fluid for most all major automakers using CVT’s. CVT transmissions have been prevalent in Nissan vehicles for several years now and other brands such as Honda, Toyota, Dodge, Subaru and Suzuki have been integrating this technology. AMSOIL has used their synthetic oil expertise to create a CVT Fluid that is an upgrade over OEM fluids at a very reasonable price. The new fluid will be available in US quart bottles or 9.45 litre jugs.

The basic concept of the CVT has been prevalent in snowmobile and some industrial applications for generations. Automakers have moved to this technology for the smooth operation and fuel economy benefits. This video produced by Suzuki Motors gives a brief overview of the concept.

A CVT fluid’s main task is to prevent wear in drive belts (or chains), pulleys, clutches and bearings. Another chore is to provide cooling for transmission components. It is vital that the CVT fluid is able to conduct these tasks without interfering with the torque transfer duties of the transmission.


AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid is recommended for belt and chain-type continuously variable transmissions requiring the following:

  • Audi/Volkswagen TL 52180, G 052 180
  • Dodge/Jeep CVTF+4®, NS-2
  • Ford CVT23, CVT30, MERCON® C
  • GM/Saturn DEX-CVT
  • Honda HMMF, HCF-2
  • Hyundai Genuine CVTF, SP-III
  • Kia SP-III
  • Mercedes-Benz 236.20
  • Mini Cooper EZL 799
  • Mitsubishi CVTF-J1, SP-III
  • Nissan NS-2
  • Subaru Lineartronic® CVTF (P/N K0425Y0710), NS-2
  • Suzuki TC, CVT Green 1, NS-2
  • Toyota TC

Not for use in eCVTs

Lab Tested

As Nissan is one of the forerunners in CVT technolgy, AMSOIL performed comparison testing with their Synthetic CVT Fluid versus Nissan NS-2 CVT Fluid. In the FZG ASTM D-5182 anti-wear test, AMSOIL CVT achieved 11 load stages, while NS-2 CVT Fluid only survived for 7 passes before failing.

Another test was the JASO LVFA Anti-Shudder Durability Test. In this trial, AMSOIL Synthetic CVT Fluid survived a testing interval that was six times that of Nissan NS-2.

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