Independent Dealers vs Retailers

People often ask why they should purchase AMSOIL products from an Independent Dealer instead of going to their local retailer and making a purchase.

Dealers usually have more experience than the staff at your local retailer.

Dealers know the AMSOIL product line like the back of their hand which allows them to make suggestions for things like filters that match your oil choices. Dealers know the right questions to ask about your equipment to help guide you to the right product. As an example, if you have a newer vehicle there are a few API certified oils you may be interested in using to protect your new car warranty.

For most dealers the first step is to look up equipment suggestions for their customers instead of guessing at the counter or in the aisle. I’m of course talking about larger stores where the staff may not have the best training or interest. I’ve had great experiences in smaller non-chain locations and are happy to give them my business. A lot of larger retailers will only carry a subset of AMSOIL products that sell well to the general public – while AMSOIL dealers have access to the full line of products.

Have you ever gone into Canadian Tire the week after a motorcycle oil sale only to find the shelf bare. Dealers try not to let that happen – and if you sign up as a Preferred Customer you can access the warehouse directly at wholesale pricing. It’s the warehouse managers job to minimize the back-orders they have to make.

Large retailers do have some advantages.
You know their hours – if you just need one quart and you are stuck on a job on a Sunday they may be open – most specialized shops won’t be – and have what you need in stock. You usually pay for the convenience and extended hours.
My suggestion to all my customers is to keep enough products on hand for 1 OCI on their equipment. When that backup oil change is used give me a call. There should be at least 3 months to stock up before your next service. It’s even nicer when you’ve got equipment that shares oil and filters. Purchasing by case is always better than a few quarts here and there – you do get a better price instead of buying 4 quarts at a time.

Large retailers have a great supply chain if you’re looking for a small amount of products. I can ship to Newfoundland – but odds are for 4 quarts Canadian Tire will be just as competitive in pricing. The best solution in this case is to sign on with a local dealer. Someone in your neighbourhood who is interested in your business and is willing to bundle your orders into their own bulk shipments. In the GTA the shipping is not nearly as expensive and you’ll have products at your door in usually 2 business days.

At the end of the day Independent AMSOIL Dealers usually come out on top in all the comparisons unless you’ve left your purchase to the very last minute. Then it’s usually easier to go pay extra for the convenience at Canadian Tire.

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