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I spent last weekend up north watching boats cruise by – some were towing skiers and tubes behind them others just out to visit friends at another dock. Fisherman weren’t to be seen on our section of the lake as it was far to warm in the bay – nothing but rock bass to tease with worms below us in the cribs of the dock.

How many hours do you have on your motor this season? Have a listen the next time you try to start your engine on a really cold morning? Could it be better by replacing your lower gear oil with a synthetic?

You can count on the AMSOIL marine products used in your boat with proper maintenance to keep it running strong on the water and away from the marina repair shop during the season.

Read on for AMSOIL product applications and suggestions.

4-Stroke Oils

Both 4-Stroke oils exceed the NMMA “FC-W” (Four Cycle-Water) specification requirements

2-Stroke Oils

  • hp Injector Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil Excellent for all outboard motors with a performance emphasis on modern direct fuel injected (DFI) technology. NMMA TC-W3, API TC
  • Saber™ Outboard Synthetic 2-Cycle Oil Designed for lean mix ratios in two-cycle motors, Saber 2-Cycle Oils have excellent lubricity and cleanliness properties to control friction and help prevent wear, plug fouling, ring sticking and exhaust port blocking. Saber 2-Cycle Oils also feature an anti-rust formulation to counteract the damp environments often encountered in marine two-cycle applications

Gear Lube

Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube SAE 75W/80W-90 High Performance lubricant engineered to meet the demands of marine applications. AMSOIL Universal Synthetic Marine Gear Lube provides:

  • Excellent Gear and Bearing Protection even when contaminated with 10% water
  • Reduced Friction and Wear
  • Rust and Corrosion Protection
  • Long Seal Life
  • Superior Foam Prevention

Fuel Additives

  • AMSOIL Quickshot® is a premium fuel additive formulated to thoroughly clean and restore peak performance in small engine and powersports equipment fuel systems. It also stabilizes fuel between uses and during short-term storage periods. Its revolutionary technology focuses on three major fuel-related issues plaguing small engines and powersports equipment: ethanol, water and dirty pump gas.
  • AMSOIL Gasoline Stabilizer reduces the oxidation occurs when fuel is stored for extended periods, improving performance, extending equipment life and decreasing maintenance expenses. It is difficult to drain all of the fuel from equipment before storage, and doing so would expose the system to other problems, including the formation of rust and corrosion on the bare metal in the tank and fuel system and the drying and cracking of gaskets and seals.

Trailer Grease

If you trailer your boat often and for long periods which can heat things up check your wheel bearings and spend some time repacking them as required.


Four-stroke outboard motors: Honda®, Mercury®, Yamaha®, Johnson®/Evinrude®, Bombardier/BRP®, Suzuki®, Nissan®, Tohatsu®

Two-stroke outboard motors: Mercury® EFI & Optimax®, Johnson® and Evinrude® FICHT® and E-TEC™, Yamaha® HPDI, Nissan® and Tohatsu® TLDI®, Suzuki®, Mariner® and Force®

Inboard and I/O: Mercruiser®, Volvo Penta®, OMC®, Chrysler® Marine, Crusader®, Marine Power®, Chevrolet®, Ford®

Personal Watercraft: Honda®, Yamaha®, Bombardier/BRP® (Sea-Doo®), Polaris®

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