How Can I Purchase AMSOIL Products?

AMSOIL products have multiple ways of ending up in the consumers hands. Some of the more popular methods include:

It’s not an exhaustive list but shows the many different ways you can access AMSOIL’s extensive line of products.

What are the added privileges of signing up as a PC or Dealer? Continue reading to find out.

When you sign up with AMSOIL you’ll be issued a ZO# which allows you to purchase at wholesale costs. This not only saves you 20-30% off the retail price of AMSOIL products but allows you to save on shipping costs too by picking up your order at a local AMSOIL warehouse or having qualified orders > $130CAD shipped direct to your door.

Becoming an AMSOIL member allows you to directly pick up your orders at any AMSOIL warehouse. Catalog and Internet customers do not have this privilege. In Canada the distribution warehouse locations are in Toronto and Edmonton. Due to Covid-19 the warehouse is not available for members to pickup products to help protect warehouse staff until further notice.

You will receive communications from AMSOIL through email and regular mail about upcoming products or pricing changes before they are made public.

The break even point for signing up for either AMSOIL membership is around $130/year in purchases. Often a single case of oil will let you break even and then start saving on the next case.

I accumulate orders each month from local customers interested in picking up products directly from me in order to save on shipping costs. Orders are normally placed at the end of the month and then distributed to my customers who are in the Milton, Oakville, Hamilton, Burlington or Cambridge areas. Send me an email before you place your order with an address to meet, contact information and how soon you need the product delivered. I’ll reply letting you know if I can deliver the order for you or not based on your needs.

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