Spring Motorcycle Maintenance

The number of motorcycles on the road these past two weekends when it hasn’t rained in southern Ontario has jumped significantly. I even saw someone on a cruiser flip open his cell phone on the 401 to take a call – during a heavily publicized OPP distracted driving blitz!
Maybe some day I’ll see about getting a bike. It sure does look like fun.

If your rig isn’t on the road yet and you need some high quality powersport products to get it there send me an email. Be sure to include your rides year, make, model and engine details. Leave your phone number if you want a call back in the evening.

Some things to check over:

  • Battery – did you leave it in all winter, electrolyte levels?
  • Oil change (10w30, 10w40, 20w50 or SAE 60) – AMSOIL synthetic oil gives you the best value with extended change intervals
  • Filters – oil and air – scare out any squirrels/mice in there
  • Brake fluid and pad check and all other fluids – perhaps coolant
  • Check and lube cables as needed
  • Check lights
  • Tire pressure correct and tread is good?
  • Drivetrain check. Chains, tensioners, sprockets?
  • You stabilized the fuel last fall, right? Drain and add fresh fuel if not. You cannot stabilized stale fuel, don’t even try.
  • A good cleaning followed by a dry. Then wax the paint and polish the chrome to keep the road grit off.
  • Wash out the inside of your helmet since it’s the start of the season
  • Insurance and papers up to date?

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