Fall Maintenance

The leaves turning, nights getting cooler and mornings crisper is a signal that the seasons are changing. It’s time to start thinking about putting away summer equipment while looking over any winter gear that may need some work before the snow flies. Don’t forget to maintain those daily drivers to help them make it through another winter.

The fall is the perfect time to change the oil on your daily driver if you’re on an extended 6-month/15,000-km schedule using either the Signature Series or the XL Series from the 3 tiers of AMSOIL engine oils. Our 2005 Vibe was changed last weekend and is now good until May of 2013 or 20,000-kms.

I think it’s too soon to put the bikes away but those early morning starts without synthetics in the crank case may become a bit more harsh. Try one of the AMSOIL motorcycle oils to help with extream temperatures like cold starts and hot idling in the heat of the summer. In my opinon fresh oil is the best way to store any piece of equipment/vehicle. AMSOIL motorcycle oils have excellent anti-corrosion additives that lesser oils may be lacking.

How do you remember what needs to be done? Especally if you’re maintaining the equipment for an entire house, family or small fleet?

Try using AMSOIL’s recently released online equipment tracking tool. MyAMSOILGarage will email you at the end of your oil change interval to remind you to stock up on products to do the job and will keep a service record for your equipment as it ages. Service records for equipment are important because they let you answer the questions like:

  • How long ago did I change the engine air filter on that truck?
  • How my kilometers have I driven on these winter tires?
  • Should I change my transmission fluid this year or next?
  • When did I last change the plugs on that outboard motor and which ones did I use?
  • What gear lube did I use in the ATV last year? Oh yeah the marine one.

If you have any questions or need help selecting products for your equipment send me an email or give me a call. Pricing options are also available.

Get your orders in on Wednesday before my Thursday trip to the distribution centre this October to be sure you are prepared with the products you need to get the job done that weekend.

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