AMSOIL COVID-19 Response Update March 19, 2020

Please use the online shopping options and take advantage of free shipping for orders over 130 CAD or 100 USD!

Here is a message distributed by AMSOIL about the actions being taken to continue business.

AMSOIL INC. is open for business. We face no supply or production issues and we do not expect any in the near term. We have enacted business-continuity measures to ensure continued productivity. Here are some important updates:

  • We are confident in our supply of raw materials and ability to maintain production levels.
  • We have cross-trained staff to fill in wherever needed. We are confident in our ability to maintain production, take and ship orders and pay commissions.
  • We have set up remote workstations in people’s homes where possible to ensure business continuity and promote social distancing.
  • Canada’s border closure does not apply to commercial traffic, so maintaining supply in Canadian AMSOIL distribution centers is not an issue.
  • We are facing staff shortages due to school closures, so we are asking you and your customers to order online rather than by phone whenever possible.

Effective Friday, March 20, walk-in traffic at AMSOIL distribution centers is not allowed. This is a great time to take advantage of the fast, free shipping offered by AMSOIL every day. This is a precautionary measure taken to ensure the safety of our employees and the continued ability to operate under the laws being drafted daily that prohibit gatherings of people or unnecessary interaction.

Once again, this situation is evolving rapidly, and we will continue evolving with it. Watch for additional notices from us in the days ahead and stay safe.

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