Canadian Tire No Longer Carrying AMSOIL Products

Update:  CTC and AMSOIL have come to an agreement and you may see AMSOIL products back on the shelf at your local Canadian Tire.

In a recent announcement AMSOIL was unable to negotiate the required March price increase with Canadian Tire Corporation. CTC has decided to no longer carry the AMSOIL product lines.

Products on the shelves at CTC will still be available but will no longer be restocked. I would expect you’ll have a hard time finding motorcycle oils on the shelf after the first sale this fall.

If you are looking for a new source of AMSOIL products for your equipment. Please contact me to get quotes for wholesale or small local purchases directly.

Another great option is to have a look at the AMSOIL online locator to find a local dealer or shop that can supply you with AMSOIL products.

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